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We are both extremely enthusiastic and conscientious about our dogs and animals, between us we have over 50 years of experience in many aspects of dogs, cats and other livestock.  Our main aim is to produce quality healthy sound stock with impeccable temperaments.   Joe's first interest in dog breeding started at a very tender age and his first involvement with dogs were Yorkshire Terriers.  He owned loved and bred this breed gaining several British championship title’s pictures of these dogs can be viewed on our Yorkshire Terrier pages.  He always admired the West Highland White Terrier and began showing and breeding this breed again success stories can be viewed on the Westie pages.  During this time Joe also ventured into Pugs for a short period just prior to finding is ultimate breed in the Papillon when he was given a bitch Frasermar Fairytale of Rozamie (Nicole) and his interest in Papillons was born, all of our Papillons are shown on their breed pages.   Kevin's first interest in dogs began also at an early age, although not able to own a dog himself he helped a friend with her Shih Tzu's and started to learn about the breed and dogs in general.  Form then on Kevin had always aspired to own and show dogs mainly the Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier although his first dog was an English Cocker Spaniel which he owned and showed for a few years, however found his greater love in the American Cocker Spaniel which he currently owns and breeds.  Since meeting Joe in 2004 Kevin had caught a glimpse of the Yorkshire Terrier at Richmond Championship Show, this re triggered his admiration of the Yorkshire Terrier.  In 2009 we were kindly given a male Yorkie who we are showing and aim to start a quality line of Yorkshire's, you never know maybe a Shih Tzu will appear at some time!   We both have a keen interest in Equines and other livestock, over the past years Joe has successfully shown Highland Ponies, we currently have a couple of Highlands primarily for leisure however have shown our mare taking 1st place in the Veteran Class at the Southern Highland Pony Show 2009.  You can see pictures of our livestock by navigating the toolbar at the top of the page.   Hopefully you will enjoy reading our website and viewing our animals, we look forward to talking to you in the future.   Joe & Kevin
Exhibiting and breeding show winning dogs since 1980
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